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Books for Summer Book Club K/1 & 1/2

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Published on: June 19, 2023

Written by: Gina Hagler

One of the best parts of planning the Summer Book Clubs is picking the books. Here is a preliminary list of books under consideration. Have others? Let us know!

K/1 – We meet for an hour each week and read a book together. Then we discuss elements of plot, characterization, and prepositions. We also imagine and write/draw new stories.

1/2 – There will be a range of reading abilities, so we’ll read portions of the books aloud together while providing access to videos of each of the books being read aloud. Our discussions are more in-depth, so we have fewer books to read. You’ll not two books are back for our discussion of plot points. Other books will be used for characterization and setting.

Interested in one of these for your kid? Please let us know at [email protected]

(Book lists for 2/3 & 3/4, 4/5 & 5/6 will follow this week!)

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