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Welcome to Kidwrite!, where you will find family-friendly materials for raising word-loving, confident-writing, avid-reading kids!

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This is the place for the kid-friendly activities and family-friendly ideas you need to help your kids with Language Arts!

KidWrite! Language Arts was founded in 2007 as a family-friendly way to reinforce and build upon the Language Arts instruction kids receive in school. As a published author and freelance writer, Gina wanted to create a program that children would look forward to after a day of school. She wondered whether the same methods that fostered creativity and learning in adult writers could be applied successfully to young writers.

About us

The point is to turn out writers who will fill a page with exemplary writing when they are asked because they are confident enough to express themselves in writing and are excited to share what it is they have to say.

KidWrite! focuses on a blend of writing, literature, and vocabulary activities.

The program spirals — growing in complexity as your child masters each level of skill, making it possible for children to be supported or challenged as they participate in KidWrite!

It also makes it possible for you to start at any time and have your child show steady improvement.

brings that philosophy and experience online.

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  • Our philosophy is simple: Kids learn best when they’re enjoying themselves.
  • Our methods are proven: Since 2007, we’ve helped hundreds of kids improve their written work.
  • We incorporate the Common Core Standards, 6-Traits, and our own components in our instruction.
Kidwrite Philosophy

In the community

KidWrite! is dedicated to bringing kids together through Language Arts. As part of this, we have created KidWrite! ASL to make popular stories available in American Sign Language, with closed captioning. With these videos, a group of kids can enjoy a story together. We are also interviewing the authors to share their inspiration and process.

ASL Storytime: Please, Mr. Panda
by Steve Antony

Mr. Steve Antony

Life in a Trash Bag: Restoring Dignity to Foster Children • Rob Scheer • TEDxTysons

KidWrite! is also proud to support Comfort Cases for kids in foster care because no kids should carry their belongings in garbage bags.

In our experience, kids learn best when they’ve had enough to eat. Please join us in supporting No Kid Hungry, our favorite program from Share Our Strength.

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