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What is KidWrite?


Published on: December 7, 2023

Written by: Gina Hagler

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Have you ever wished there was a place you could go to get ideas and materials to help your kids grow their vocabularies, improve their reading comprehension, and master their writing skills? We wished that, too, so we created KidWrite! Language Arts to provide Family-Friendly ideas and materials that reinforce what your kids learn in school and help you raise word-loving, avid-reading, confident-writing kids.

The materials for you will include video posts, blog posts, and newsletters with what you need to help your kids with the key concepts that confuse most of them almost every time. For your kids, we’re developing plenty of hands-on, do-it-yourself activities – from Quests to Find Your Book and What’s Wrong With This Sentence? to context kit slide decks that give your kids an introduction to the places and things a book mentions. Our library of activities is growing, and we post at least once a week to keep things interesting.

Our approach is kid- and family-friendly, meaning we make it unintimidating – and dare we say fun – for your kids and easy to fit into your routines for your family. So, time in the car, meal times, family movie night – all are opportunities to add a Language Arts twist without being heavy-handed.

We have Find-A-Book, where you can use a theme, genre, and/or Lexile to find a book your child will love. Our Talk About posts provide talking points to discuss a book with your kids. Our posts about Basic Skills will help you tackle everything from parts of speech to how to turn a prompt into an opening sentence.

To learn more KidWrite!, read about our Philosophy, Founder, and Purpose. You can also read about our Sprial Curriculum and Core Materials or look through the posts on our Blog. You’ll see the causes we support In the Community section of our Home page.

Any questions at any time? Email us at KidWrite at gmail . com, or use our contact form to arrange a free 15-minute call to talk about what you’re working on with your kid.

Visit this site as often as you like to see what’s new. Follow Us at no cost to receive a weekly notice of new posts, or contact us to tell us what you need; we’ll send our Welcome! packet with the KW Homework Tracker, Reading Journal, Opening Sentences hints, and 5 Reasons Your Kid Hates to Read!

KidWrite! was created to help you help your kids.

We are Family-Friendly Language Arts!

~ gina

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