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Published on: November 3, 2023

Written by: Gina Hagler

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. As an adoptive family, adoption is not only something to celebrate but also something that brings additional meaning to Thanksgiving in our home. Adoption books can be hard to find when you first start looking. I’ve read hundreds and have included our favorites as a starting point. I’ll add more books each week in November. Please bookmark this post and check back on Wednesdays to see what’s new. If you have some books you love, please let us know!

A Mother for Choco

A Mother for Choco

Is there an adoptive mom in the world who has not felt a moment of anxiety when her child chose Are You My Mother? from the library shelf? It’s a terrific book if your child looks like you. If your child doesn’t, A Mother for Choco is just right. In this heartwarming book by Keiko Kasza, a little bird named Choco goes looking for his mom. Each animal Choco approaches points out a difference in appearance that makes it Choco’s not-mom. Thoroughly demoralized, Choco begins to cry. Mrs. Bear comes running, and when Choco says she can’t possibly be his mom, she asks what his mom would do – then does it. Choco is a favorite in my house and comes as a boardbook, Kindle book, paperback, or hardcover.

William Is My Brother

This book by Jane T. Schnitter explains how two boys with the same parents but not the same birth parents can be brothers. It is told by Tony, the son who was born to their parents. He tells about the day the call came from the adoption agency. He tells about the ways that he and William are the same and different. He talks about how he and William are both special because Tony is Tony and William is William. William Is My Brother ends with a secret: the brothers will soon have a new sister. My older son loved this book when his new brother arrived. It’s definitely worth reading.

Happy Adoption Day

This colorful book by John McCutcheon is a loving celebration of adoption that still makes me cry. The images accompany the lyrics to Happy Adoption Day, with the score included. The song is touching and speaks to the adoption experience with lyrics like, “Out of a world so tattered and torn, You came to our house on that wonderful morn. And all of a sudden, this family was born.” It’s still available new in paperback, or used in hardcover. Hear McCutcheon sing this song.

Seeds of Love

Written for the brothers and sisters of international adoption, Seeds of Love by Mary E. Petertyl is a loving story told from the point of view of the big sister. Her grandmother will be staying with her while her parents travel to bring home her new sister. She’s worried that her grandmother won’t know how to do everything her mom does. She’s also sad that her parents will be gone for many days. Her mom gives her several things to do to feel her parents’ love as she uses little stickers to mark off each day they’re away. The story ends with a happy reunion at the airport.

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