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Song For a Whale: What Do You Think?

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Published on: February 10, 2024

Written by: Gina Hagler

Song for a Whale

In Song For a Whale, Iris has a very strong reaction when she first learns about Blue 55. Then, she becomes determined to communicate with the whale. (Chapters 3 & 4) Answer the following questions with COMPLETE answers. Be sure to support your comments with evidence from the book.

  1. Describe Iris’ feelings after learning about Blue 55.
  2. Why do you think Iris feels as she does?
  3. What does Iris decide to do?
  4. How does Iris change because of Blue 55?
  5. What does Iris learn about herself?

If you’d like feedback on your work, please get a parent’s permission to use their email with a note from them. Send it to [email protected].

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