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Summer Book Quest

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Published on: June 20, 2023

Written by: Gina Hagler

If the thought of a Book Club is just one thought too many, how about a Summer Book Quest to keep your kids reading?

A Summer Book Quest is a do-it-yourself activity:

  • We challenge unenthusiastic readers to find the book that makes them a reader.
  • We challenge avid readers to find the best book of the summer.
  • We have a list of books they can choose from – and we’re open to suggestions.
  • Kids write a review (brief and to a template we provide) to be posted on this site.
  • They download a Quest Record to chart their progress.
  • Those who complete the Quest will receive a small box with “stuff,” such as a squishy, custom Post-it notes, a pocket journal, KW Quest Completion certificate.

Sound good?

Use our contact form or email us at KidWrite @ with your child’s grade in the fall to get started.

KIDWRITE! Helping you raise avid-reading, confident-writing, word-loving kids!

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